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History of C.S.S.R.

Center for Severe Storm Research (C.S.S.R.) was originally founded in 1978 by Professor Jamie Curtis a professor with the University of Oklahoma. She then recruited 10 of her top students and formed the group. Their mission was to research Storms and Tornadoes for the University, National Severe Storm Laboratory and the National Weather Service. They were independent, but was under the University for funding and training. They did chase storms from State too State.

In 1998 Jamie invited a family member along for the storm season. He was the youngest member of the team and made his start with weather.

In 1999 the team started to go their separate ways and then the University offered Jamie a full-time teaching job and she knew C.S.S.R. was on the verge of disappearing until her family member Adam asked if he could take it over and keep it alive and going.

On January 1, 2000 Jamie passed the torch and all documents of C.S.S.R. over to the new owner/operator Adam Drummond.

In 2015 C.S.S.R. became incorporated and is now C.S.S.R., Inc. Since then Adam has recruited a few new members.

Adam is going to continue to keep C.S.S.R., Inc. going as long as he can.

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