General Mobile Radio Service/Family Radio Service GMRS/FRS rule change
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General Mobile Radio Service/Family Radio Service GMRS/FRS rule change
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General Mobile Radio Service/Family Radio Service GMRS/FRS rule change

As of July 1, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission FCC have revised the General Mobile Radio Service Family Radio Service GMRS/FRS rules and regulations. On all 22 channels under 2 watts of power no FCC license is required and if there are any radio traffic on any channel an user is trying to use must take the interference as is or find a clear channel and use privacy codes, but with privacy codes other users on that same channel who are not using privacy codes can still hear you and you won't be able to hear them so please take caution while transmitting and talking to others. All GMRS/FRS radios above 2 watts of power does require an FCC license and on the extra 8 channels reserved for repeaters unless a licensed repeater user allows a non-licensed user to use their repeater under their license is permitted. Also there are no interference protection law and licensed users can not tell anyone to get off the radio or stop transmitting. They may ask you what watt of radio you are using and if this happens keep in mind that all handheld radios sold at retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Ebay or other types of stores are under 2 watts of power. If you as the user is unsure call the manufacturer of the radio and ask them if the radio is under the 2 watts of power. Lastly don't transmit personal information over the radios unless it's an emergency situation and you need to give your location out.

For more information please visit FCC's website at please pay close attention to subparts B and E.

Thanks for your understanding.

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